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Step-by-Step Guides



In this section, you can find many useful guides for candle making and other projects.

We provide helpful photos as well as detailed instructions that will take you through each step of your project.

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Candle Making Videos



In this section, we share some handy videos on candle making and other tips and tricks.

Use these videos as a guide or inspiration for your next project!

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Candle Waxes




There's a lot more to candle waxes than you might think. You need to know how much fragrance oil your wax can handle as well as pouring temperatures and recommended applications.

In this section, you will find essential information about all the different waxes we carry and how to use them in various applications.

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Candle Wicks



Choosing the right wicks for your candles can be one of the most difficult parts of candle making.

In this section, we provide vital information that will help you choose the right wicks for your candles.

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Fragrance Oils



In this section, we share several articles that discuss subjects like the use of Phthalates and DEP in fragrance oils as well as Vanillin Content and how it can affect your finished candles.

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Candle Dyes


We offer two differnt types of candle dyes in a liquid and solid form. This section provides helpful guides to help you when you are trying to determine how much dye to add to your wax and the proper techniques for measuring them out.

Candle Dyes




Candle Containers


In this section, you can learn important information about the candle containers we sell and how you can achieve different looks with the many types of containers we offer.

Candle Containers

candle molds


We offer our candle molds in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. This section explains the differences between these types of mold and explains their uses.

Candle Molds

Fragrance Recipes


Here you will find our fragrance recipes inspired by the different seasons, holidays, food, pop culture, and more!

Feel free to be inspired by these recipes and put your own signature twist on them!

Fragrance Recipes






Other Helpful Resources



Here you can find other useful information on things like candle containers, candle making equipment, candle molds and more!

You can also access our Newsletter Archive that is full of helpful articles and other information.

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