Candle Making Videos

Measuring Soy WaxMeasuring Soy Wax

Not quite sure how to measure out soy wax? Watch this video to see how easy it is!

Measuring & Add Fragrance Oil to Your WaxMeasuring & Adding Fragrance Oil to Your Wax

Watch this video to see how to measure fragrance oil using a digital scale.

Melting Soy WaxMelting Soy Wax

Watch this quick time-lapse to see how long it takes to melt 16oz of soy wax in a double-boiler.

Wicking a Jar With a StrawWicking a Jar With a Straw

Need some help figuring out how to adhere a wick to your containers? Watch this short video for a few easy tips!

Pouring Melted Wax Into a JarPouring Melted Wax Into a Jar

It doesn't sound complicated but, this video shows you the proper technique for pouring wax into a container.

Container Candle Cooling TimeContainer Candle Cooling Time

Curious to see how long it takes a container candle to cool? Watch this short time-lapse to find out!

Finishing TouchesFinishing Touches

Heres a short video that offers some simple tips to put the finishing touches on your candles.

Cleaning Your Tools & EquipmentCleaning Your Tools & Equipment

Cleaning hardened wax off your equipment can be tricky. View this video to see how easy it can be with the right technique!

Using The EZ Wick Setter ToolUsing The EZ Wick Setter Tool

This handy little tool makes wicking a jar easy! Take a look at this video to see how to use it.

Wick TestingWick Testing

Watch Tim at Timber Ridge Gifts as he explains how to properly test burn wicks to find the right wick for his containers.

Preparing a Mold With a Wick PinPreparing a Mold With a Wick Pin

Wick Pins are used to make pouring pillars and votives easy. Take a look at this short video to see how to use this amazing tool.

Other Helpful VideosOther Helpful Videos

Check out these videos to learn how to make things like bath bombs, perfumes, and other products!